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Step Back in Time

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Those of you who spurn the various 'flashy' chrome clad bars in favour of pubs with a more 'down-to-earth' feel might like to make a little trip down Hammersmith way.

There appears to have been a swing in popularity down at The Penny Farthing - partly attributable to amiable Glaswegian Chaz, a past manager here who, after disappearing off for a couple of years to work for Charringtons, returned eight months ago to instigate a few changes around the place. Certainly the night I was there, it was extremely busy, with particularly large contingents gathered around the dartboard and pool table areas; a diverse mix of men and women, anywhere between the ages of twenty and forty, all indulging in a little bit of friendly competition!

Large and spacious, with plenty of seating, The Penny Farthing can accommodate everyone - mainly locals, most of the punters seem to know each other, but welcome strangers, giving the place a warm atmosphere. Cabaret is laid on every Friday night, and has proven popular, with acts such as Kelly, The Iced Gems, Sandra and lucia and Adrella making regular appearances (see Boyz listings). With the summer here (if you could call it that this year!), there's the added bonus of the cosy beer garden at the back, not that the inside, like some places, ever gets too hot and stuffy.

The staff buzz around, friendly and efficient, alcohol prices are good (approx. £1.60 a pint), and food is available throughout the day, including a Sunday Roast lunch.

It's just a pity it has to close at 11.00pm an extension certainly wouldn't go amIss.

Boyz - 22nd August 1991

WLQP Went trawling through the Hammersmith & Fulham Archives earlier this week in preparation for Black History Month & LGBT+ History Month and came across this gem from Boyz Magazine ‘91 (a weekly newspaper at the time).

West London has a very rich queer history and it’s important that we keep this alive through whatever means possible.

If you have any articles or artefacts that you would like to share with us then please get in touch at Thank you.

Thank you also to @hfcouncil for giving us access to your archives

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