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Press Release February 2023

WLQP ended January with a bang with none other than Phyllida Lloyd, the director of Mamma Mia, coming along to introduce the film and share a few anecdotes at our monthly Sing-along. We want to thank the Chiswick Cinema and Chris Parker (Marketing Manager) for making this possible as well as Phyllida Lloyd for making it such a special evening,

As February is International LGBTQ+ History Month as well as Football v Homophobia Month, WLQP will be hosting a series of events to bring awareness to these occasions.

To kick off the February festivities, the eagerly anticipated 4 Rainbow Crossings in the heart of Chiswick will officially open on 3rd February at 10am.

The Borough of Hounslow, Ollie Saunders of the Chiswick Flower Market and WLQP have collaborated closely over the past two years to put this project into action. This will continue to show that the LGBT+ community is present and a part of Chiswick, and a reminder that everyone is welcome in W4 regardless of their sexuality. Unfortunately homophobia and prejudice are still very much present, and the local community stands together to remember the importance of tolerance and respect for all.

"Football 101" an LGBTQIA+ football skills session, will be held by Brentford Football Club on 16th February at the Gunnersbury Sports Hub. The session is part of the BFC's "Football v Homophobia'' month initiatives to raise awareness of homophobia and discrimination in the game.

On 18th February, Football vs. Homophobia Big Match Day – A morning of friendly 6-a-side games will be followed by the Brentford v Crystal Palace game at the Gtech Community Stadium. Brentford Football Club have kindly invited 24 of our members to attend this match and we thank them for their support and inclusion.

In other sporting news the newly formed West London Rainbow Warriors Touch Rugby team has finally found a home at the QH Memorial Sports Ground in Chiswick and have now started training every Wednesday evening. In addition to this, we will be continuing with our Touch Rugby Saturday Socials with our next session planned for the 11th February at the Grasshoppers RFC in Isleworth. The socials serve as a way to invite people in the community to try touch rugby. We work hard to make sure all games are accessible to all ages and skill levels, are mixed-gender, and are easy to pick up and play.

Throughout the month of February, WLQP is aiming to raise £10,000 for the LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity ATK. The fundraising will be kicking off on February 9th at 7pm with a pub quiz in partnership with Sports Media LGBT+ called "Quiztorical", at the Duchess pub in Hammersmith. There will be raffles, prizes, and a few special surprises.

We will be hosting our new Drag Roast Socials on 12th and 26th , a different concept for us: a Sunday Roast followed by a drag show with seating on long Trestle tables making it more of a social event. This is from feedback we’ve taken from our events for an earlier start and more food and socialising than our standard Sunday Socials.

A word from our founder -

“February is a time to celebrate our colourful history and to reflect on the courage and bravery of those who fought for freedoms and rights, but we still have a very long way to go. I’m proud of the work that WLQP is doing for LGBT+ History Month and to be able to bring awareness to this important subject.

February is also Football v Homophobia Month and I am thrilled that we are partnering with Brentford Football Club to shine a light on the issues of homophobia in football. Sports are so important for our physical and mental health and everyone should all feel safe and encouraged to play football, so let’s all tackle homophobia and intolerance together.”

Aubrey Crawley, founder of the West London Queer Project.

February’s full events listing

3rd February 10:00 – Unveiling of Chiswick’s Pride Crossing

4th February 10:00 – West London Walks

5th February 10:00– LGBT+ Parents & Kids Brunch (George IV Chiswick)

9th February 19:00 – Quiztorical Pub Quiz (The Duchess Hammersmith)

10th February 19:30 – The Chosen Haram (Twickenham Theatre)

11th February 10:00 – Touch Rugby Saturday Social (Grasshoppers RFC)

12th February 14:00 - Drag Roast Social with Lola Lasagne (George IV Chiswick)

14th February 19:30 – Love Bug (Twickenham Theatre)

16th February 18:30– Football 101 with Brentford Football Club (Gunnersbury Sport Hub)

18th February 11:00 – Big Match Day with Brentford Football Club (Gtech Community Stadium)

24th February 19:00 – Grease Sing-along (Chiswick Cinema)

26th February 14:00 – Drag Roast Social with Dolly Trolley (George IV Chiswick)

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