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CJ Hopkins brings his one man show 'The Art of Fitting Out' to West London

Ever wondered what the correct etiquette is for your arrival at a sex party? Ever wonder what the perfect words to say are to the man that cheated on you in front of your face? Ever wondered what would happen if Pinocchio moved to London and got involved with the wrong group of gays?

All of this and more are answered in CJ Hopkins debut show ‘The Art of Fitting Out’ which comes to The West London Queer Project on the 23rd of October.

CJ has a unique point of view about the state of current day dating as a gay man, and has all the best stories to prove it. He is honest, frank and self deprecating in his approach to comedy, inviting the audience to share in some of his most crazy experiences. CJ has taken a life time of poor choices and rejections in his journey to ‘fit in’ and has created a show that teaches people why ‘fitting out’ is the new way forward.

Featuring unique character comedy performances from Pinocchio and Woody the Cowboy, which combine humour, dance and a slight bit of burlesque. This is truly a show like you have never seen before.

Tickets on sale now

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